Is your business structured for growth, increased productivity, and specifically.....PROFIT?

Here's What I Know for Sure.....

“At some time in every business, an entrepreneur will bump up against the ceiling of complexity, thereby limiting growth. I’m there to help take them to the next level, to be stronger in leadership and profitability.”

~Jolene McDonough, President of Systems Success, Inc.

What We Do

Systems Success, Inc. works with entrepreneurs and business owners to implement key operational strategies so that leaders can focus their time where they add the most value. Our goal is to build an infrastructure that is capable of handling and inherently encourages profitable growth.

Our primary focus is on these operational cornerstones that support sustainable growth and profits:

Financial Well Being Services and Strategic Coaching
  • Keep more in your pocket by tracking income and expenses monthly. 
  • Have confidence in your finances. Can you afford to expand infrastructure and staff?
  • Organization of prior years’ financials. 
  • Reporting at your fingertips for qualifications or tax preparation. 
  • What story do your numbers express about the current business?
  • Payroll set up and processing available.
Leadership, Management and Relationships
  • Integrating skills and focus to create the company you envision. 
  • Strategic growth conversations.
  • Leadership and management styles
Your People and Staffing
  • Is it time to increase your staff? 
  • Analysis of existing staff and their roles. 
  • Be strategic in the hiring process. What do you need to know or do before you take the next steps? 
  • Consulting and coaching through the hiring process. 
  • Honoring unique talents and abilities to create the amazing team you envision. 
Organizational Systems and Processes
  • Will your current systems support your vision and growth? 
  • Managing risk and protecting what you’ve built. 

While Systems Success denotes a very linear, predictable organized process type business, my superpower lies is in the conversations.   Sometimes experience and the wisdom of the mistakes made, transcends the anatomy of the linear path.

In any project or consultation, I meet you where you are.  We are all at different stages.  I’ve had the opportunity to create and experience massive growth in a short period of time as well as experience massive loss, both personally and professionally.  That is the brilliance of our work together.  I meet you where you are and provide insights and conversations that are not in the usual script of coaching.  I have the ability to offer a perspective that can be transformative, helping others evolve and do better in their work and lives.

Client Projects

Systems Success Inc. has worked with many individuals and businesses in capacities since 2007. Larger collaborative projects include: 

Diversified Biological Signaling Solutions, Inc. – Authorized distributor of biologics and stem cell products. (4 years)

  • CFO/ Client Care – Primary contact and responsible for all points of business and communications 
  • Vendor representation, training events and financial reporting to owners
  • Original entity set up – financials, order processing systems.

Roadmap for Outcome Based Medicine 

  • Company and financial set up 
  • Co-production manager for virtual training and online events/masterminds 

Hera Hub, Inc. – Spa inspired co-working spaces (Over 10 years) 

  • Advisory Board Member 
  • Member Support 

American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches (Over 10 years) 

  • Creator and Facilitator of Staffology – over 50 recorded segments for CPA firms and their teams. 
  • Facilitator and Mastermind Moderator 
  • Administrative staff sourcing and hiring 

Bullseye Hiring – Kathleen Metcalf (2 years) 

  • Collaboration with search firm specializing in real estate administrative professionals. Successfully sourced and placed staff with top tier real estate professionals.
  • Teamed with Kathleen Metcalf and other sources to create REA 101 – a roadmap for real estate assistants and their first 90 days. 

Mike Ferry Organization (2 years) 

  • Facilitated the delivered the real estate assistant systems training 
  • Created and facilitated the “Straight to the point Business Analysis” for top producing real estate teams in the US. 

Additional collaborative projects – including companies such as Coldwell Banker, Pacific Sotheby’s International Real Estate, Cascade Sotheby’s Real Estate, EXP Real Estate, Keller Williams, Get a Klu, Inc., Meybohm Realty, Prudential California and Berkshire Hathaway

  • Real Estate team leaders – strategic growth projects, staff analysis and hiring, and implementation of systems for strong foundation.
  • Large multi-office real estate companies – streamlining production and financial tracking/reporting. Project Manager for timely transition of data and processing per company goals.
  • International success coaching company – hiring and onboarding projects, joint operations and financial consulting projects and strategic operational coaching for world wide company. 


Jolene shares perspectives in these Informative Videos and Interviews.

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What people say?

Im so blessed to work with Jolene McDonough . She has helped me grow my finances, my systems, my peace of mind when it comes to running my business. The foundations she helped me put in place have made my company more successful. Heaven sent!!
Happy Client
Meet Jolene! A real estate mogul-turned advisor, Jolene has been our financial and operations advisor for 7ish years and we don't know what we'd do without her. More than providing practical advice, Jolene has awakened me to the "story behind my numbers" and the story behind my decisions as a business owner. She is a wonderful leader, human, listener, cheerleader, let's talk...but then let's get down to business kind-of gal. We love you, Jolene
Happy Client
As a practicing real estate broker, I have used Jolene to help me resolve issues that I cannot work out on my own. First of all Jolene has the ability to listen thoroughly and clarify what the real issues are. Once I can see what I am dealing with Jolene works with me to come up with the most productive and satisfying solutions. Her coaching is extremely effective and takes me from anxiety to satisfaction and profitability.
George – Real Estate Broker
Happy Client

Come along with Jolene in her written voice

Sharing “ah-ha” moments, lessons learned, business anecdotes and profound stories that you surely will relate to as you navigate your own path in business. This is her story to be told.

Let’s talk about hiring! I know, I know… it’s probably not at the top of mind at the moment – but hear me out. When we start to transition back to reality, will your business be prepared to make a comeback? You need a lean, mean, rock star team to help you launch forward. Do you have the skills to attract, hire and retain the people that will help you succeed?

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